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Parents are encouraged to maintain contact with class teachers for the purpose of discussing their children’s progress. Teachers should be given sufficient time to prepare for interviews in order to make them as productive as possible. Appointments with the teaching staff may be obtained either directly or by contacting the school office.

On Tuesday afternoons from 3.15pm teaching staff are involved in their weekly meeting.  Please note that teachers are unavailable during this time and are required to attend these gatherings. Thank you for your support in allowing us this important time.


The newsletter is distributed fortnightly. This is electronic only. Please ensure the school has your current email address for distribution or Click here to subscribe.   

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The school has an app which can be downloaded on phones and other devices.  This app contains links to information such as uniforms, absentee forms, classroom updates and information, newsletters, as well as forms that can be filled in electronically and returned via the app.  For the school pin to access the app please contact the school office or ask your classroom teacher.


Accounts, notices etc are sent home periodically. The eldest child in each family will be given such notices and parents should regularly check that important notices are not left in children’s school bags. We aim to send most notes to families electronically.

At times a return slip or response is required and your immediate response to such requests is greatly appreciated.


Messages, notes, money, etc can be delivered to the school office via the ‘class bag’. The class bags provide ‘bulk delivery’ of messages from the classroom to the office by 9.00am each day.

It is important that the administration retains up to date records of each family in the school. Therefore, we ask that the school office be informed of any variation in any of the information we have on record. In particular, the following variations should be notified:

~ Change of address
~ Change of email
~ Change of telephone contact numbers
~ Change of emergency contacts
~ Change of family doctor or dentist
~ Serious health conditions

Please note that routine calls to teachers should be restricted to non class times as teachers will not be called away from their classes to answer the telephone. Messages for children will be taken regarding their transport / collection from school and emergency situations only.  Please note that these messages must come through the office.


Parent Information Sessions – Week 2, Term 1
Parent Teacher Interviews – Week 9, Terms 1 and 3 (or as required)
Report Cards – Final day of Term 2 and 4


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